An Innovative Card-Linked Solution

Charity Online Raffle 5050 ChangeIt Program

A Round-Up program with a difference! ChangeIt is a new way for non-profits to generate recurring tax-deductible donations with a one-time user sign up

Charity 5050

100% Electronic Raffle System (ERS)

Online 50/50 and Other Online Raffles

Our system process payments, distributes raffle tickets by email and selects your winner electronically with the use of our RNG (Random Number Generator).

50/50 or Any Percentage Raffles

A Percentage raffle draw is commonly known as a 50/50 raffle where it represents the percentage to be awarded as a prize and the gross raffle revenue.

Your organization can have any breakdown of the percentage. 40/60, 30/70 as long as you are clear in your raffle details. However the raised amount is split, is up to you!

You also have the options of paying for the raffle fees, split the amount of the raffle fees with the winner or deduct all of the raffle fees from the winner.

Run your online raffle regularly. It’s a real Win-Win!

Cash Raffles

You can raffle off a set amount of cash as your prize. Customers will know the exact cash prize winners will receive. 

Generally, a raffle with fixed prizes generates more revenue for charitable organizations than percentage prize raffles.

Fixed prizes induce significantly greater participation and much higher revenue than raffles using percentage-based prizes.

Something definitely worth considering when you are planning for your next raffle.

Item Raffles

You can run items or non-cash raffles to fundraise. Here are some examples of prizes you can award:

Travel packages and dream vacations

Luxury items and jewelry

House, cars, trucks, boat, RV's and other vehicles

Gift cards, gift baskets and shopping trips

Wine, fine dining, meals and groceries

Some restrictions apply depending on your jurisdiction.

Multiple Raffles

Your charity or non-profit organization can run multiple raffles at the same time. Our Electronic Raffle System can handle your multiple raffles, no problem!

Easy set up

All of your raffles will be on a single page.

Customers will only make one payment transaction for all their ticket purchases.

Reduced transaction fees compared to individual raffles.

Multiple Raffles + Multiple Winners = Multiple Proceeds!

Technically Brilliant

The Electronic Raffle System is architected from the ground up to be extremely secured as well as easy to use. Credit card data is never stored on our servers.

Your charity or non-profit organization will have full access to your account where you can:

Set up your charity or non-profit organization on the raffle platform

Create raffles with your logo, image and raffle details

See your full raffle history

Monitor sales and receive direct deposit to your bank account

Download sales information and customer reporting

A New Way To Give

ChangeIt is a card linked program that allows your donors to seamlessly round up all of their daily purchases on their credit cards for tax deductible donations.

​Participating consumers will create an account and link their credit or debit card. Every purchase on the linked credit/debit card will “round up” the transaction to the next dollar.

In return, donors get access to our massive network of retailers for discounts, perks and offers.
You get consistent donations every month, your donors get amazing discounts. It’s a real Win-Win!

Simple set-up, Consistent Performance

Unlike most traditional fundraising programs, the ChangeIt program is both simple to set up and easy to maintain indefinitely.

Ascend sets up your organization on the ChangeIt platform, and helps market this program to your existing list of donors as well as bring in brand new donors.

Donors need to go through a quick and easy sign-up/linking process, and then simply use their credit cards as they normally would.

At the end of every month, transactions are rounded up and a single donation is made to your charity. All this happens seamlessly and automatically, with no action required from the donor or from you!

Easy On-Ramp

Once you sign-up for the Ascend ChangeIt program, we take over and you can leave the heavy lifting to us. As part of our all-inclusive offering, Ascend will:
Set up your charity on the ChangeIt platform, with full access to analytics data, seamless money transfers, and end-to-end security
Create a responsive landing page that’s optimized for maximum conversions. The page will use your logo, brand colors and images where appropriate.
Create a customized 8-week social media promotion program
Create a customized 8-week digital ads strategy
As a true turn-key solution, we don’t just provide the strategy, we also execute it! You don’t need to dedicate time and resources; just leave it to us.

Technically Brilliant

The ChangeIt program is architected from the ground up to be extremely secure as well as easy to use. Credit card data is never stored on our servers – only Visa and Mastercard store that data.

All participating donors will have access to their account where they can see their full round up donation history. Year-end donation tax receipting reports will be provided to our partners as well.

Our Admin Portal and Dashboard provide
First Party Donor data acquisition
Valuable transactional data analytics
Automated reporting and dashboard to keep track of program success

No Upfront Costs



Do not worry about any initial costs in running your raffle fundraising. We want to help your organization get started and start fundraising so we do not charge any upfront cost and set up fees.  Your charity or non-profit organization receives automatic daily deposits on your bank account from all your ticket sales.


Our Play Chase the Ace is very easy to run. Our system do all the hard work for you.  A dedicated team will make sure that all required licenses, raffle details and your raffle page are ready for you.  All you have to do is share your fundraising campaign to your supporters and watch your ticket sales and jackpot amount grow!



Let our team help you with your fundraising campaign.

We are here to walk you through from start to finish.