Charity 5050 Raffle - Online 50/50 Raffles for Charities and Non-Profits

Fundraising for your cause, the easy way.

We help charities and non-profits create and manage online 50/50 raffles.

Raffles for non-profit organizations

Run a raffle for any season, holiday, team, or specific goal.

Your account comes with these amazing features

  • Hosted Sales Page

    We host a unique Raffle page for you. No need to worry about technical set up.

  • Raffle Wizard

    Simple 5 step wizard to create your own raffle page.

  • Customer Management

    View and manage your customers. You own your customer data.

  • Reporting Tools

    View and manage ticket sales, and generate tickets to mail to customers.

  • Auto Bank Deposits

    Connect your bank account and receive automatic deposits from your ticket sales.

  • License Management

    View and upload your raffle licenses in our Dashboard. We can also help you apply for a license.

Charity Reffle First raffle

Create your first raffle!

Let us help you acquire a raffle license from your regional lottery regulator.

Call us toll-free

Affordable pricing. Pay only when you’re ready to launch.

Run Your Own Raffle


Pay only when ready

  • Your Own Hosted Raffle Page
  • Self Serve Raffle Wizard
  • Raffle License Management
  • Low Transaction Fees (Stripe)
  • Sales and Customer Reports

Create your account and raffle

Self-serve and
help from us when you need it
  • Create Your Charity or Non-profit Profile
  • Create and Configure Your Raffle
  • Pay Only When Your Raffle is Ready to Launch
  • Upload Your Raffle License
  • Connect Your Bank for Ticket Sales Deposit

Thank you to our customers and partners in serving the needs of non-profits and charities.

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  • Drive Happiness
  • The Promo Syndicate
  • GenerousSolutions
  • AGLC

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