Operation: Pump Track 50/50
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Operation: Pump Track 50/50 Raffle

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This is part of our final fundraising push to meet goals for a Velosolutions world-class pump track build as part of Operation: Bike Park in Yellowknife THIS SUMMER! Help us make this happen in 2021! 

Important Dates & Times

  • 12:00 PMJuly 25, 2021MDT

    Draw date
  • Winning Ticket


  • Raffle tickets are available for purchase online only and shall not be sold to a person under the age of 18 years. Should the name of a minor be placed on the winning ticket, the prize(s) will not be awarded until the conditions of the Public Trustee Act are met.
  • Draw will take place on the property of Bristol Pit, Cemetery Road, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. All ticket stubs will be placed into a rotating drum and one ticket will be drawn for each prize and the winner’s information recorded.
  • To be eligible for the raffle draw, payment must be received on or before July 25, 2021.
  • Prize(s) must be accepted as awarded.
  • Winner(s) will be notified by phone within 7 days of being drawn. If a winner cannot be located by phone, they will be notified by registered mail within 30 days of the winning ticket being drawn.
  • If a winner cannot be located within 365 days of the winning ticket being drawn, an application will be made to NWT Municipal and Community Affairs to have the prize awarded to Yellowknife Mountain Bike Club.
  • All ticket sales are final. Official tickets are sent in the mail 4 to 6 weeks after the ticket order.
  • Winner(s) name(s) will be made available to the public no later than 48 hours after the final draw by website or upon request.
  • The draw(s) will occur on July 25, 2021.
  • In the event a winning ticket stub has more than one name on it, the prize shall be awarded to only one of the individuals identified on the ticket. Yellowknife Mountain Bike Club and the NWT Municipal and Community Affairs are not responsible for any disputes which may arise between the different individuals whose names appear on the ticket stub.
  • If less than 50% of tickets are sold as of July 25, 2021, a draw date extension may be requested from NWT Municipal and Community Affairs.