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Drive Happiness is a non-profit organization that provides assisted transportation services to older adults through the help of volunteer drivers. Our mission is to assist seniors in remaining independent in their own homes for as long as possible. The Seniors Assisted Transportation program allows seniors access to a safe, reliable, and accommodating transportation service that can help them to attend medical appointments, get groceries, participate in recreational programming, or even visit friends and family. Mobility is about more than simply getting from point A to B. It is about dignity, freedom, and being in control of your lifestyle. With Drive Happiness, seniors are able to keep their independence and remain active and engaged in their communities. To keep this service accessible to all income levels Drive Happiness subsidizes a large portion of the ride costs. Each trip that is taken by one of our riders costs $30. Seniors pay $10 for a ticket and volunteers are reimbursed $8, leaving Drive Happiness to subsidize $28 of the cost. Last year Drive Happiness and our volunteers were able to provide 20,000 rides and are on set to surpass that for 2019.
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