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Indus School Fundraising Society

Indus School is a rural K-9 school. Indus School Fundraising Society is a non-profit organization that raises funds to help subsidize and provide opportunities in and out of the school that promote value added programs for our children.  

The Society funds activities such as the Accelerated Reading program, outdoor sports and programming, and, in the past bussing for many diverse field trips. Fundraising reduces the fees that parents/caregivers and children would otherwise be required to pay. It also allows for these extra-curricular activities to be offered to our children.  

This year, our school is undergoing a modernization and we intend to use a portion of funds raised to provide a Maker Space – a room where students can engage in hands-on, creative learning. Here they can invent, learn to design, experiment, build, revise and persevere. These skills transfer well into all areas of curriculum and the workforce. Funds would be used to provide various equipment and supplies for this space.  

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