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Fur-Ever Homes Rescue Society


Fur-Ever Homes Rescue is a compassionate, registered Canadian Charity based out of Calgary, Alberta. The rescue was founded in 2011 and continues to be managed/operated by a dedicated team of volunteers. We believe every animal deserves a second chance and therefore it is our primary goal to remove neglected, abandoned, injured, or abused pets from unhappy situations, both locally and internationally, and place them into the homes of caring individuals.

We pride ourselves on the hard work of our volunteers and the generosity of donations from the community. We work in cooperation with a community of veterinarians, dog lovers, and other dog rescue groups, with the aim of reducing the number of displaced animals and educating the community.


Our dogs are placed in private foster homes in the Calgary area. Our fosters invest much love and attention to our dogs and we would not be able to operate without them.

We aim to be a positive part of our local community by offering low-income families and seniors assistance with spay/neutering their pets, by helping out fellow rescues and donating hundreds of pounds of pet food to local organizations and families each year.  

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