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Boot Scootin' Boogie Dance Club

Boot Scootin Boogie Dance Club is incorporated as a Not for Profit under the Society Act. It was started 5 years ago this March by Terrylynn Kuhl. She is a dynamic lady with a gigantic heart that shows in her passion for dance, live music and her Community. Although Boot Scootin Boogie is thought to be a Bar it is not. It is a family friendly venue where for all ages to learn dance and participate in special events of various kinds hosted by a variety of Community members, including Boot Scootin' Boogie Dance Club itself. It is a Community Recreation Facility and is available for anyone to rent as well.   

We know there are many in great need so with the help of others we have decided to assist our Community by creating our very own Lunch Kitchen called, “Let's Eat.” It is a Lunch Kitchen providing free meals to those in need. We are starting on Saturdays only but plan to expand this to daily as soon as donations and preparedness permit. We invite everyone to join us to donate time, food items or monetary means.

With schools closing, due to covid, for Jr. High and High, many kids that had free meals through the school are left out. We are gravely concerned about this! We are stepping up and they can get the meal at Boot Scootin Boogie every Saturday for now but hopefully soon it will be daily. Our ultimate goal is to have it daily but to do that we need funds to replace the stove and to help supplement the food donation. If you want to help us help our Community feel free to reach out any time for donations of food, time or financial contributions.

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