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Banff Child Care Centre

The Day Care Society of Banff's mission is to work with families and our community to provide quality child care and opportunities for personal growth in a nurturing atmosphere of activity and fun! 

The purpose of Puzzles and the Banff Child Care Centre is to create a safe, secure, and happy environment for children, staff and families. Our prime objective is to provide activities for the enjoyment and development of children in a relaxed atmosphere. Our focus is on encouraging the development of a positive self-image, self-confidence, open communication, and trusting relationships between children, staff, and parents. 

Our programs promote an environment which allows each individual child the freedom to enhance their social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative development. All children will be encouraged to develop their independence, decision-making skills, and a sense of responsibility. The program will provide the opportunity for children to have a variety of play experiences in a stimulating environment and allow freedom within set limits. 

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